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Say something nice about your least favourite Pokemon.

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1 year ago#81
Err... What is my least favourite Pokemon?...

Absol, you need a rock to be decent in battle.
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1 year ago#82
--- |
1 year ago#83're pretty helpful when I'm hatching eggs... get outsped by Talonflame by 1 base speed );
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1 year ago#84
At least you look cool Serperior.

Froslass, Y U NO have more Special Attack?
The Green Team
1 year ago#85
Darmanitan, I'll never understand how you can move around with your tiny baby legs and still support your massive arms, but at least you lift.

Swalot, you're not eating enough. Go to Applebee's.
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1 year ago#86
Zubat: You have some very interesting evolutions.

Gardevior: Stop being male.
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1 year ago#87
stunfisk has cool typing.

snorlax you momma so fat people think she is still pregnant with you.

seriously though snorlax looks better on paper than it is in practice.
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1 year ago#88
i'm physically incapable of saying anything but hatred for charizard

fine megazard y looks actually decent and not-fat

clefairy your evo's BST is too low
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1 year ago#89
IDK who my least favourite is...

Magnezone/Metagross/Genesect, Shame on all of you for not being in OU.
1 year ago#90
Dunsparce- Uh... I guess Serene Grace is a good ability?

Pidgey- not very strong.
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