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Have you ever accidentally hatched a Shiny?

#31SpoonMan54321Posted 3/27/2014 7:56:05 AM
Some guy on the trade board wanted a cacnea from me. I didn't have a spare on hand so I went and hatched one.


oh look it's a shiny. whatever, here take it. didn't even hatch another one.
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#32Hunter_mkPosted 3/27/2014 8:11:13 AM
I hatched a shiny Chespin, first egg ever, and I dont like chespin :|, I ended up trading it for a legendary pokemon, was worth it
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#33SilverZangoosePosted 3/27/2014 8:18:17 AM
When I was breeding my competitive Pinsir, I ended up with a Shiny one. Adamant, 4IV and Mold Breaker. I decided to forget going for the 5th IV and stick with the awesome looking shiny instead.
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#34dancnbnaPosted 3/27/2014 9:17:49 AM
While hatching 100 Durant for a Wonder Trade stunt, I ended up getting a shiny on the 64th egg.

Stats are meh, but whatever.
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#35JkickitPosted 3/27/2014 9:21:17 AM
2 meowth, gastly, tentacool, gligar.
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#36Godly_GoofPosted 3/27/2014 9:26:34 AM
Accidentally hatched a Shiny Fennekin on the 4th egg when breeding a 5IV magician one. It's a 4 useless IV one with Blaze .... I guess I'll just keep it as eye candy >.>
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#37ashrobbPosted 3/27/2014 9:28:36 AM
I hatched a shiny Beldum when starting to breed for good IVs. It was the 3rd egg and inherited 4 perfect IV. Luck at its best.

Also a female Nidoran by accident. It didn't get Hustle but four perfect IVs again.
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#38The_Sol_BladerPosted 3/27/2014 9:29:03 AM
My current battle Togekiss I was trying to get good IVs on before breeding Nasty Plot on it. It only got four perfect IVs, but it's defenses are about 27-29 each so I can still use it just fine. Missed Nasty Plot though
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#39PolimarioPosted 3/27/2014 9:39:37 AM
Metagross and Riolu.

I was breeding for IVs on Beldum, when dat Shiny hatched. 31/31/x/31/31/31

Then I bred for Riolu to use Nasty Plot Mega Lucario. Got a Shiny one while IV breeding. Thought about using it...until I saw that Speed IV of 4.
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#40orangeumbreon23Posted 3/27/2014 9:45:31 AM
I expect that the shiny Bagon I hatched back in Pearl may not have been a shiny if I hadn't traded it over from the file I bred it in, but I was happy since shiny Salamence looks awesome I think. All other shiny pokémon I obtained were either wild catches or trades.
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