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Think of a Pokemon before entering...

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2 years ago#71
Why the heck did I pick Slowpoke, the dopey Pokemon?
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2 years ago#72
Hawlucha. I win. -
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2 years ago#73
Gogoat! I think my life will now be chaotic, especially if this Gogoat is similar to the goat in Goat Simulator.
2 years ago#74
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2 years ago#75
I think Entei will teach me good seeing how he is depicted in the anime. He would make a great guardian too.
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2 years ago#76

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2 years ago#77
Scizor, stay away from fires and be chivalrous. Sounds good
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2 years ago#78

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2 years ago#79
porygon_z_129 posted...

Being a snake or something?dunno :/

Being a leader, most likely. Worst case scenario, you'll become a tyrant.
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2 years ago#80

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