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The Journey to Completing the Pokedex

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2 years ago#1
So this is my first time posting on the Pokémon X forums after a long absence from this website. I bought Pokémon X last Friday and ever since I've been on a journey to complete the pokedex (mainly for the charms you get). So far I've gotten 389 pokemon through trading and training.

I've bred a full box of Piplups (original purpose was to breed a shiny using medusa method) that have helped me pick up a lot of pokemon on the GTS.

Are any of you attempting to do the same? Seems like a rough journey. I would enjoy hearing your experiences.
2 years ago#2
I used Pokebank with my brother and some RL friends. We dumped all of our boxed Pokemon in the same bank, and then transferred everything to one cart (to be careful not to mix them up, left a empty box in between to avoid confusion.) It jumped us all up to about 600 for Pokedex.

I then bred Chansey, something that seemingly flies off the GTS shelves whenever it's listed for the remainder of the Pokemon I needed.

Pokebank definitely made the process easier than it should have been.
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2 years ago#3
Sadly for me, I've never kept any of my old pokemon saves or games. So Pokebank is of really no use. I don't have any friends who currently play either. I'm going solo.
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2 years ago#4
Done it for both X and Y....
Getting boring sadly...
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2 years ago#5
When I hit 350 pokemon, I started to question my existence, so I understand your boredom. Then I started getting back into breeding wanted to start battling competitively. I suppose that's my drive at the moment, to just get some new pokemon and try to develop a team to take for a spin. I also want some shinies.
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