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Eevee turning into different types makes me wonder how one does it ...

#11slmcknettPosted 4/5/2014 2:40:07 AM
Yeah, they have to give new things to Eevee otherwise it wouldn't make any sense why it couldn't evolve that way before.
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#12KaizoVornaPosted 4/5/2014 2:58:11 AM
To be fair, we do have case file Piloswine. (And probably more that I'm ignoring.)
(Scroll to the Egg Moves)

Still, I've always thought that Eevee is a kind of evolution showcase so using older evolution methods would go against that.
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#13HMinnowPosted 4/5/2014 3:01:20 AM
I guess Lickitung is another case file against that too (though I honestly think that these were just oversights or they were too lazy).
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#14DutchKrakenPosted 4/5/2014 3:19:24 AM
Eevee is the type of Pokémon that evolves depending on its surrounding all the time in some sense. Even the happiness into Umbreon and Espeon are enviroment-dependant (daytime/nighttime).


Bug/Ghost: Similar to Glaceon/Leafeon, area-specific, can be a level up in a location filled with bugs (first forest you ever go to? :P) or haunted mansions.

Normal: I would see this as it didn't need to change its types, maybe level-up on a place with lots of different type Pokémon, but make Fighting and Ghost not appear as many. This way, an Eevee that would live there, would have no need to evolve into a different type.
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