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What's your favorite Ghost type?

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2 years ago#101
Either Shuppet or Shedinja. This is one of those types I hardly ever use in any of my playthroughs, so I'm just going by pure visual appeal. Shuppet's actually really cute, and I just really like the idea behind Sheddy.
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2 years ago#102
Gengar or Banette.
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2 years ago#103
Sableye. In fact, it's been my favorite Pokemon since Gen 3.
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2 years ago#104
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2 years ago#105
jk jk, i am kidding

lez go gengy
lez go chandy
lez go shedy
and lez go aegi
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2 years ago#106
Giratina, followed closely by gengar and aegislash
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