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Let's give Talonflame an abysmal HA.

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1 year ago#11
Levitate. The plague of Rotom-Fan!
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1 year ago#12

King of Fighters is objectively the best franchise.
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1 year ago#13
Other: Steadfast

Seems to be the go-to useless HA. Just give it to anything with 100+ base speed and you're golden.
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1 year ago#14

Slow Start.
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1 year ago#15
Other: Defeatist.
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1 year ago#16
Flare Boost.

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1 year ago#17
Moody. Its such a weak ability I'm sure no one will mind......
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1 year ago#18
davidledsma posted...
Okay, any way to make this bird not worth anything?

It's already close to that; any HA that isn't something ridiculous like Huge Power will push it over the line into complete uselessness.
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1 year ago#19
Other: Keen Eye
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1 year ago#20
dancnbna posted...
Other: Keen Eye

not changing sig until there is an official pokemon battle sim
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