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What video game character are you going to name your Kalos Starter after?

#1GangstaLizard95Posted 4/6/2014 5:39:38 PM
What character from a video game are you going to name your Chespin, Fennekin or Froakie after?
#2ChapFromKrugisPosted 4/6/2014 5:40:51 PM
froakie will be the next strider hiryu
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#3fawful_XPosted 4/6/2014 5:41:33 PM
I have a female Delphox named Rao.

Guess which game I'm getting the nickname from correctly, and earn yourself a cookie.
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#4mrballerswagginPosted 4/6/2014 5:42:27 PM
ChapFromKrugis posted...
froakie will be the next strider hiryu

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#5Mikey4914Posted 4/6/2014 5:47:56 PM
I actually named one of my Chesnaughts Herbowsa because it's a grass type, reminds me of Bowser, and it's female.
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#6Random_Dawn_14Posted 4/6/2014 5:48:48 PM
Since my Froakie was a female I named her Jambette, after a villager that had moved away in Animal Crossing New Leaf.
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#7DuuuDe14Posted 4/6/2014 5:49:01 PM
Named my Fennekin Lil Jaeger
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#880s_MemoryPosted 4/6/2014 5:59:10 PM
I named my chesipn BEN
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#9DracoXIVPosted 4/6/2014 6:09:27 PM
I can think of fenniken and froakie.

Fenniken = mozilla (not a video game, but still)

Froakie = Glenn (is it just one "n"?)

I guess chespin could be green sonic, or something?
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#10SuperNerdSorenPosted 4/6/2014 6:41:42 PM
I named Chespin after Bianca because it just reminded me of her so much. I also named a Fennekin after Miriel from Fire Emblem Awakening because of its final evolution.
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