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Charizard Breeding Question: Mega X Egg Moves

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User Info: K3fk4

3 years ago#11
The_Sol_Blader posted...
Zard X is one of the best Dragon Dance users right now, so I don't see why it shouldn't. What you have right now could work for the tanking set I think, but I am not sure about it's exact build. It might need a different nature actually

I guess I'm working on a Sweeper set for now, but I have these egg moves already on a few Charmanders, so I'll keep one er two on reserve for when I do Tankzards.

So, Dragon Dance is imperative, but regarding egg moves at least, would Outrage really be outclassed by other egg moves?

And I haven't seen anyone mention anything about Bite, so I'm guessing it isn't a make-or-break situation..
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User Info: CharizardFire

3 years ago#12
If you really wanted to use a Dark-type move, you'd probably be better off using Crunch.

User Info: metroidfan987

3 years ago#13
Sadly, you have to ditch Outrage because fairies.
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