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Which attack is stronger?

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2 years ago#1
I actually have a fully EV-trained Jolteon and Galvantula. I know Galvantula can enjoy Thunder essentially for free (with Wide Lens), so I'm wondering who should I use for max power?

The Jolteon with 350 Sp Atk using Thunderbolt or the Galvantula with 320 Sp Atk using Thunder? Which is stronger here? Does the 30 EV point difference outweigh the 20 attack point difference?

SirLagsALot's formula suggests:

Jolteon: 350 x 90 = 31500
Galvantula: 320 x 110 = 35200

The Galvantula's Thunder would be stronger than the Jolteon's Thunderbolt, i.e., 20 points of attack supersedes 30 points of EVs.

Can anyone confirm?
2 years ago#2
Here you go:

Talonflame + BB
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2 years ago#3
yes but why modest
2 years ago#4
Galvantula and Jolteon should always be Timid, anything else is unnacceptable. Galvantula needs the LO too as it lacks power without it and should really only be used for Sticky Web then death fodder. But yes, Galvantula's Thunder is more powerful than Jolteon's Thunderbolt
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