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Mega Blaziken set?

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2 years ago#11
2 years ago#12
SilveryZangoose posted...
Bulk Up / Hone Claws
Stone Edge
Blaze Kick / Fire Punch
Brave Bird / High Jump Kick

Bulk Up because TalonfLAME, Hone Claw because Stone Edge and/or Blaze Kick/High Jump Kick.

Is that a good set?

I prefer Flare Blitz, but it's not my set. Blaziken is frail, so the recoil matters little. The extra power can KO things Blaze Kick can't. Or use Blaze Kick if you don't like recoil. Good set otherwise, maybe add SD as a boosting move? Definitely use HJK.
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2 years ago#13
Blaziken pretty much needs Protect.
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2 years ago#14
BigWorldJust posted...
Blaziken pretty much needs Protect.

Against cloyster that is
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2 years ago#15
Sword Dance/Protect
High Jump Kick (Maybe Low Kick)
Flare Blitz
Knock Off
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2 years ago#16
Here is my set

Mirror Move
Focus Blast
Blast Burn/Fire Blast (If you want epic points go with blast burn)
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2 years ago#17
what you do is, you breed a torchic, then you raise it to blaziken while only picking attack/damaging moves, none of that sissy stat changing moves. Its a giant karate bird, it should be beating things to death not throwing dirt in their eyes like a scared little princess!
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