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Team Nova RP Episode 12: Twilight Alliance

#371HHDeceptionPosted 8/5/2014 11:52:24 AM

Marissa's head jerked at the psychic feedback that pushed against her control over Victini. Psychic types were always more difficult to overcome, and especially a psychic legendary. But somehow this one seemed to have help.

Her head started pounding as her vision swirled and for some reason the girl was soon joined by a Pansear. She looked at the boy with the drive who had a Pineco for a head.

"Forget it kid! Victini is mine now!"

Her right side whip sharpened into a tendril and shot forward to impale Austin.
#372DigiHerokidPosted 8/5/2014 12:21:46 PM

He couldn't Take the pain, charge the Counter-attack, and Fight a Psychic battle while avoiding a Deadly whip.

Talk.... ab..out multit...asking... I.. need.... a break....

Then to make it worse, Girantina Appearred again, with Maurice riding Carry-on. He had his sword Held up to Cheryl's Neck.

What!? I...can...t...tell.... Real.... or.... Mad...nes.s....
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#373empireoffire(Topic Creator)Posted 8/5/2014 3:32:39 PM
Marley was thrown back by the sudden V-Create from Victini. She and Shaymin picked themselves up in time to see Austin struggling with something and the unknown soldier in a suit above crying out in pain as a result of something.

"Forget it kid! Victini is mine now!"

"Air Slash!"

Shaymin severed the tendril that the woman shot out at Austin before it could reach him. Shaymin started sending more Air Slashes her way as Marley darted to where Austin was while the woman was distracted.

"Austin", she said, holding out the second Cosmic Drive she possessed, yet rarely used. "You and Victini possess a bond, yes?

Activate this, concentrate, and create a mind link with Victini. Perhaps it may be of effective help."

Marley dashed away from Austin as she forced it on him. She jumped toward a small opening on the walls that wasn't on fire and used it as a foothold to jump directly at the woman, slashing at her from behind.

She was less than pleased that such beautiful flowers were being burned all around her.


Mira landed on the floor below and faced the person who recalled the Volcanion-looking thing.

"What are you doing with all these people?!" she yelled. "And what have you done with the Regis and the rest of the Pokemon here?!"
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#374DigiHerokidPosted 8/5/2014 4:10:33 PM
Before he could say anything, Marley ran towards the woman.


Austin wasn't sure how it'd work, but trying was Necessary right now.

"Cosmic...... Drive....: Vic....tini V-...Cre...ate!"

Nothing Happened at First. Then, His Head felt like it was imploding. He could Feel The Mind's Presence as well as Victini's. The Stress of Using Both Drive's To Connect to Victini was Extreme. He felt Like He Was On Fire Again, or at least his mind was.

He Wondered How It affected The Other Mind and Victini's. Maybe Since his influence was increased, he could Drive the other mind out.

He Still Saw Girantina,Maurice, and Cheryl. He Really was Hoping it was fake for Cheryl's sake. Since, Marley hadn't mentioned it, he'd have to assume it was.

"G...... al...a... xy...!"

The Blade Appeared. He felt like going unconscious on the spot.

N....o....t.... Op....ti.....on....

He tried to Concentrate the second drive's V-Create Onto the Blade. Was it Possible? No Clue. It was worth a try.

The Blade Began to Flare up. An Energy flame started spreading up the sword.
3DS FC 2148-8476-2728 PokemonX:Austin "Fear is not evil.It tells you what your weakness is.And once you know your weakness,you can become stronger."
#375HHDeceptionPosted 8/5/2014 8:23:00 PM(edited)
Marissa's mind swum with surreal visions. Giratina with Maurice's head made waka-waka noises as it chomped on rows of fried pineapples. Apparently, linking minds with someone with a mental instability is like taking a contaminated batch of deliriants. Not that Marissa would know since she'd never taken drugs, since it's especially dangerous for a psychic to do so, since one wouldn't be able to control their mental actions during the high.


Something, possibly a girl with a knife, clinked off the back of her suit as it began spazzing out in the air. Her whips flailed randomly in wild room-clearing arcs. Air Slashes held her back, but they still moved at a speed that could snap a limb off. The part that Shaymin had snapped off writhed similarly before striking the original tendril by happenstance and rejoining itself.

Victini seemed to be half-affected as well, spewing flames everywhere in random patterns, but holding itself steady in the air.


A Vivillon grabbed Volcanion's Master Ball and quickly flew it over to the engine room. It was released and was automatically reconnected to the generator, pumping steam.

Harry didn't waste any time in firing off a bunch of metal clamps at Mira, pinning her to the floor by the neck, waist, ankles, and one wrist. Making sure her hands weren't pointed anywhere near him, he swooped in and grabbed the Cosmic Drive on her arm to remove it.

"We do the same thing here that your drive does: let a human directly use pokemon power. Only our way puts the disposable body in harm's way, unlike yours. StarBurst pokemon follow orders but they can't think for themselves. Psychic domination leaves the human in complete control, allowing adaptation at no risk to the driver.

We put the minds of the people here inside pokemon bodies. Many of our own volunteer. Others require coercion. The Hive has as many Nova recruits as it does prisoners that fight under fear of death. And I might say, you are a very capable fighter in your own right. I might even let you try it yourself."


As Suicune bit off the last straps on Regirock's body, it noticed the cylindrical pillar that was the last four floors of the base sinking. Looking specifically at the lowest floor, it gave Registeel's remains to Regirock and sped off towards it.

On the lowest floor, the whip chaining Eusine to the ground began writhing violently, snapping at Eusine and waking him up.

"Gah! Evil whips! Not sure if dreaming!"

The room was still pitch black, but he could hear the scything of the whip through the air. Taking a step back, he realized that the step wasn't onto floor but onto air, and he plunged off the platform into the darkness below.

It was about a 4 foot drop onto something soft and spongy. Huh, go figure.
#376empireoffire(Topic Creator)Posted 8/5/2014 9:24:52 PM
Shaymin gasped as the Nova woman cried out in pain and began flailing about and thrashing dangerous-looking whips all around her. He tried sending more Air Slashes, but Victini also began throwing fire around at the same time.


Marley grabbed Shaymin out of the air, fell to the ground, and curled up tight around him in a protective manner. Between Victini and the woman, it was too much to stop. All Marley could hope to do without causing massive damage to herself and Austin at the same time was to try to wait it out by huddling against a corner of the room and use herself to guard Shaymin, for whatever that's worth.


"And I might say, you are a very capable fighter in your own right. I might even let you try it yourself."

Mira pulled out the clamp around her neck and redirected it back to the Nova man's face. She pulled the remaining clamps and aimed them at the man's groin as she force pushed him back. She hovered above him and sent a Magnet Bomb his way.

"That liquid up on the floors above; what's that for? How is it made?! You use the collars for that; don't you!?"
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#377HHDeceptionPosted 8/5/2014 11:24:07 PM
Note to self: Work on something to suppress psychic abilities. Marissa wouldn't like that but...

Harry's clamps pulled out of their trajectory and returned to his suit. He caught the Magnet Bomb in his gauntlet, letting it explode in his palm.

"Right, you're psychic and magnetic. Well then."

His own suit opened up an intense magnetic field to try and hold Mira in place. A whirring started coming form his suit as its dynamo started up, resulting in numerous bolts of electricity discharging from his gauntlets into Mira.

"This isn't my base, nor my department. I have no clue how any of this works. Something about the psycho-emotional properties of the Gracidea flower being altered to suppress free will. As for the collars..."

A Vivillon was shaking its head off to the side near the girl who was still asleep.

"Ah, maybe next time then."
#378DigiHerokidPosted 8/6/2014 5:14:24 AM
Victini Turned. The V-Create Was Finished Charging. Despite the Crazed Visions Marissa Was Having, she knew that It must be the Boy's fault. She Still had Enough Control to Make Victini Charge The Boy.

She did so.

As Victini began charging at him, His V-Creates Finished as Well. He Launched himself through the Air, Both swords in Front of Him Forming A "X" instead of a "V". Cl.....ossee...

The only Bad thing was Victini Was still Using Random Attacks everywhere As He Flew Towards Austin.

He had one chance only. His Mind couldn't take the stress of a Double Connection with two others. Neither could his body. Ol.....d.... Fri....e....n...d
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#379empireoffire(Topic Creator)Posted 8/6/2014 12:19:49 PM(edited)

Mira gritted her teeth as the electricity hit her and teleported behind the Nova man.

"Mira will never forgive you!!"

She wrapped her arms around him from behind. Using her psychic abilities to help her lift up the man, Mira bent and fell backward, perform an old-fashioned German suplex on the soldier. She let go and teleported a few feet away. For the finishing touch, Mira telekinetically grabbed the man's right foot and twisted it.
size does not matter....weight does.
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#380Cheesepower5Posted 8/6/2014 4:18:42 PM
"My name is Grant Gallowglass." Grant says, standing halfheartedly to draw attention to himself. "What's there to tell? I'm here like anyone because even I remember a time when we had peace. Maybe none of you watching will recognise me, but I know someone who will. I'm waiting for you, Duncan. You'll have us all. I hope that satisfies you."


"Excellent, and lastly..." Mewtwo says as Grant sits down. "...We're missing someone. Katherine, did you not promise that your overgrown boyfriend would be here as well?"
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