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YR:Next game Gyarados gets Dragon typing...

#1RajakaiTheBeastPosted 4/23/2014 1:44:24 PM
But instead of getting rid of Flying to be replaced with Dragon, they replace water with it instead.

How do you feel?
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#2zelionxPosted 4/23/2014 1:44:57 PM
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#3HydrelgonzekPosted 4/23/2014 1:45:06 PM
What the f**********?
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#4J_AppleiPosted 4/23/2014 1:45:24 PM
Are you f***ing kidding me? Is Megados going to be Dragon/Dark now?
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#5pokemon8Posted 4/23/2014 1:46:05 PM
Won't care.
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#6RajakaiTheBeast(Topic Creator)Posted 4/23/2014 1:47:49 PM
Megados is Dragon/Dark
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#7Unfez1000Posted 4/23/2014 1:57:52 PM
That completely ruins the purpose of gyarados
#8jiijekkk12Posted 4/25/2014 5:10:43 PM
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#9LexifoxPosted 4/25/2014 5:18:20 PM
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#10TalesOfXAndYPosted 4/25/2014 5:19:35 PM
Wouldn't Gyarados be outclassed by Salamence and Dragonite?(Also Rayquaza in Ubers)
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