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Is aegislash better as a physical or special attacker?

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1 year ago#1
And also what is the best set for the physical or special?
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1 year ago#2
Depends he can run both well I prefer a mixed set.
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1 year ago#3
Pure Physical or mixed is the way to go.

Pure physical gets sword dance, but is also the most predictable and is crippled by burns.

Mixed is just more unpredictable and isn't as vulnerable to burns.

The reason why pure special isn't that good of an idea is because aegis relly needs that priority Shadow Sneak. I mean I guess if you want you can run an autotomize set to fix his speed issue but... eh I'm not a fan of that set.
1 year ago#4
I usually run mixed attacker set. Stab shadow ball from Aegi hurts big time, those who survive go down to shadow sneak. Not to mention Sacred sword for coverage, hard to wall out a mixed attacker.
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1 year ago#5
I run pure Special, but it's in a Doubles TR Team, so I don't need Shadow Sneak or Automotomize.

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1 year ago#6
Special imo. Better stab moved and sacred sword is still strong enough to KO anything that shadow ball or flash cannon can't
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