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Your reaction to your first shiny pokemon?

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User Info: Zelda_Aran

2 years ago#91
Shiny geodude south of Blackthorn City in Silver masterballs.

It was something like going through this room:
"Oh, was that a bit too much?"-Raine Sage, ToS
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User Info: DrFate102

2 years ago#92
My reaction was...
"Why is that Magikarp yellow?"

And it was in Sourl Silver, after I got the Gyrados.
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User Info: ThatGuyZ

2 years ago#93
I remember the first time I saw the Red Gyrados and wondered what the color change meant. Come Fire Red and I find a Green Oddish after finding out what Shiny Pokemon were and I flipped my ****.

Now I'm up to 166 in X Version, with 73 being obtained from X and Y.
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User Info: NShader

2 years ago#94
I found, guess what, a Shiny Trubbish in Pokémon White. Randomly. And guess why I didn't catch it?

Because I had never seen a Trubbish before, and didn't notice the sparkle, as I was watching TV and the sound of the DS was off.



Imagine my reaction when I saw the regular Trubbish.
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