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What are your top 10 least favorite pokemon?

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2 years ago#21
jpmark5 posted...
1. gliscor
2. chansey
3. skarmory
4. ferrothorn
5. mega venusaur
6. cresselia
7. genesect
8. rotom-w
9. kyurem-b
10. charizard and its megas

2 years ago#22
1. Elemental Monkey #1
2. Elemental Monkey #2
3. Elemental Monkey #3
4. Dunsparce
5. Swirlix/Slurpuff
6. Luvdisk
7. Emboar
8. Lickitung/Lickilicky
9. Wormadam
10. Chimecho

Honorable Mentions: The Lake Trio, All baby Pokemon

None of these are based off "this guy annoys me on Battle Spot or the Maison" or anything, they're all just guys who are either extremely ugly or incredibly useless (usually both) and I question why the hell they were ever made at all.
2 years ago#23
1. Dunsparce
2. Sylveon
3. Gardevior
4. Milotic
5. Braxien
6. Delphox
7. Oshawott
9. Floette
10. Flabebe
2 years ago#24
1. Talonflame
2. Panpour
3. Pansage
4. Pansear
5. Sawk
6. Gurdurr
7. Beautifly
8. Emolga
9. Unown
10. Luvdisc

Honorable mention goes to Pachirisu.

No particular order.
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2 years ago#25
Generic/Genie trio.
Ice cream line
Trash line
Elemental Monkeys
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2 years ago#26
I wouldn't say I have a top 10 least favorite per se but I'll list some I'm not that fond of. I don't necessarily dislike them, just don't care for them very much.


*flees before getting flamed for the latter two*
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2 years ago#27

One ugly bird and underwhelming Pika-Clones.
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2 years ago#28

I really hate this thing.
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2 years ago#29

no specific order
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2 years ago#30
10. Ferrothorn
9. Garchomp
8. Aegislash
7. Chesnaught (Used to be Greninja but SSB4 changed my opinion on him)
6. Dragalge
5. Klefki
4. Rotom-W
3. Blaziken
2. Talonflame
1. Mega Kangaskhan/Gengar
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