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1 year ago#41
An ear
3DS FC: 2380-3181-9777
Everyone call me elf monster
1 year ago#42
1 year ago#43
what are we doing?


Read this entire thing like a pokerap, boredom stopped :D
Ever since I started playing dark souls I'm a Christian no longer. I Praise the Sun, so watch out Christians -Miyasakiii
1 year ago#44
not a pokemon but "protein"

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1 year ago#45
I am Samurai Flamenco ///
1 year ago#46
3DS: 0834-1353-9679 PSN: Sachiko-Chan
Steam: Mandikiri Xbox Live: xXDreadAngelXx
1 year ago#47
All above is completely true and accurate, unless it isn't.
1 year ago#48
Ur mum's cheating keys
Yolo Fairy Tail ftw. #TeamTrivia PS: Lucy Heartfillia <- New Main
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1 year ago#49
R.A. the Rugged Man
I don't need a signature.
1 year ago#50
Not changing this sig until I have at least one Shiny version of each Eeveelution.
8/9 done.

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