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Why are all the GTS for old Pokemon...

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User Info: Xynaxus64

2 years ago#11
Friend Safaris are a GTS trader's best friend. I have access to a Muk Safari, and you'd be surprised what people will give for one. Attach the right item and you can even get legends for them.
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User Info: Awkwardlocker

2 years ago#13
Chimchar breeding is so worthwhile oh my goodness. I breed all starters and post them on the GTS for something reasonable and I've gotten everything I've asked for so far! I recommend it.
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User Info: Mr_Popel

2 years ago#14
^ yep Pliplups have yielded me all 4 Regis, an Arcticuno and a Vesprit so far ... given those where 5IV Pliplups with 4 egg moves and holding one of the final berry mutations ... not sure what the people actually want. Arcticuno took a while though ... still some starters are pretty popular.
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