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Think of any type at all

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2 years ago#31
3DS| Babby 2595-1604-5123
2 years ago#32

MICKEYx 3ds FC: 4141-2356-8625 pm me 1st
When I act like an idiot or fanboy wait til my conscience wakes me up ty
2 years ago#33
Fire... FML. Now I can't bathe, touch the ground, or come into contact with rocks.
Did you hear the one about me giving a s***? Because if I ever did, I don't remember it.- lyrics from under and over it by Five Finger Death Punch
2 years ago#34
Poison. I'll just murder everyone because I'm poisonous. I don't know anyone psychic, but I must find a way to fly.
2 years ago#35
Missingno_Mastr, I thought you'd have thought of glitch type.
2 years ago#36

So I'm my usual self, but explode if I get punched?
W2 Nuzlocke:
(New) PokeMafia:
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