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describe charizard in one word

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1 year ago#11
1. Pedro knows best :{| 2.Rodriguez is stupid (. _ .) 3.#4/20 BlazeKick
1 year ago#12
We like Ike for SSB4!
1 year ago#13
1 year ago#14
Is here to ruin the party
Nobody wins. Everyone loses. Everything is terrible. The end.
1 year ago#15
Seismic Toss
FC: 3909-8065-9532 Steel Friend Safari.
ElderOmnivore: "Jayroach, I feel your sarcasm. I got it and like it."
1 year ago#16
Not changing this sig until Pat Benatar is in Super Smash Bros. (Started 8/31/2010)
BRAVELY DEFAULT: 1075 - 0844 - 9134 + FS: Pumkaboo, Lampent, Dusclops.
1 year ago#17
Dunsparce and Zangoose be the only good mons made after gen 1, matey!
1 year ago#18
PSN: almightyblinker
Pokemon X FC: 2191-8215-2199
1 year ago#19
Not changing this sig until The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho happens on PPV (started October 4, 2009)
1 year ago#20
vs. Mavs won 4-3 -- vs. Blazers won 4-1 -- vs. Thunder 0-0 revenge tour time
Go Spurs Go
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