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describe charizard in one word

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1 year ago#51
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1 year ago#52
You can do it your own way... if it's done just how I say.
1 year ago#53

Haters gonna hate.
Yeah evolution is totally something you can believe in or not. Like gravity or electricity. - the_checker111
1 year ago#54

I find the biggest idiots on this board.
Not the best, but the 2nd best.
1 year ago#55
1 year ago#56
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1 year ago#57
1 year ago#58

In the sense that Charizard wasn't very good until Gen 6, but now it's arguably the best thing in OU. No doubt the endless supply of Charizard fanboys went crazy over that one.
1 year ago#59
If i'm nice to you on Gamefaqs, you either don't annoy me, aren't a jerk, or you're actually pretty cool. I like using my own sets.
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1 year ago#60
A good game's a good game, so why do we have console wars?
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