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Favorite Fire type move?

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User Info: BandAegislash

2 years ago#1
For me, Overheat.
Aegislash is the only good Pokemon in gen 6. Every other gen's Pokemon but 1's were awful. I do not like Gen 6, just Aegislash.

User Info: SpecsDoubIade

2 years ago#2
Let's just make accounts of the Doublades with items on it. Doublades wanted for glory.
Official Shiny Eviolite Doublade wearing Choice Specs of anything.

User Info: 3i33le23

2 years ago#3
Blast Burn
IGN:Calem(Y) FC: 1805 2988 6409 TSV:3040
Masuda Shinies: Manetric, Blastoise, Heliolisk, Mawile, Delphox, Milotic, Phione, Bunnelby,Munchlax, Feraligatr

User Info: Bunselpower

2 years ago#4
Magma Storm
3DS FC: 1134-8061-2200; SV 3273; IGN: Dano; List:
Beartic, Piloswine, and Snorunt - My Friend Safari is Ice because I'm so cool.

User Info: KillerMechanoid

2 years ago#5
Metagross, Magnezone, Genesect and Golurk for best Pokemon ever. Robots FTW

User Info: ZeldaFan113

2 years ago#6
Searing shot or V-create
Tales of Vesperia is awesome. That's all there is to it. -Me. FC: 5327-0924-6791.
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