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Your most embarrassing wifi double battle experiences

#1HoundourtwoPosted 5/18/2014 12:58:11 PM
Here are mine:

1. I had Klefki use Swagger on my Mega Kangaskhan and then immediately realized that I had forgotten to active Safeguard to prevent confusion status. (For the record, this happened in my very first battle in the current wifi competition. Needless to say, my Kanga was really angry at me once I ended up having to forfeit that battle.)

2. When battling against an opponent from the UK in the very same wifi competition, I fell for not one, but two traps! On the first turn, I thought my Mega Kanga would stop his Moltres from roasting my Klefki, but the opponent switched out the Moltres for his Rocky Helmet Iron Barbs Ferrothorn. Obviously, the result of hitting that Ferrothorn with a Parental Bond powered Fake Out wasn't pretty. Later in that match, I responded to his Gyarados's Dragon Dance by attempting to have Klefki and Rotom-W use Thunder Wave and Thunderbolt respectively only to see his Gyarados switch out in favor of his Manectric. I ended up getting creamed 3-0 in that battle.
J.J. Watt used Sack QB! It's super effective! A critical hit! The foe's QB lost the ball!