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Dante's Egglocke : Yggdrasil's Eagle Arises

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2 years ago#21
rojse posted...
Cody_Blackquill posted...
rojse posted...
Cody_Blackquill posted...
I remember one where I didn't, Sacrifices were made, money was lost and I only had four pokemon. Also during training I JUST found the house on the right above the shop that functions as a faster Pokemon center, that would have helped during my wonder locke

You can beat your first pokemon with an L1 party as long as you have some sort of strategy and switch between multiple pokemon. I've poisoned the first pokemon and switched between party members to wait for it to faint, used growl on it to lower offense, tail whip to help the next switch-in win, and all sorts of other things to beat it. It can be very challenging to work within the scant tools you're given at the start of the game when your first encounter is much more overpowered than yourself.

I'll say this much, i had one pokemon with only ghost moves, HP Ghost unown and two pokemon who had no attacking moves with the only pokemon with a workable attacking move being numel with tackle and ember. Naturally the Unown got me some great trades Post Game since it fainted, I partly regret it but he did die and I needed a mother Pokemon for my slaking solo which was being delayed because bank

Ouch, that is brutal.

HP Ghost Unown was the most Brutal thing though, if Scatterbug wasn't a thing after Numel ended up Level 5 i might as well have quit. That Numel Carried the Team with Pachirisu once it got to LV 5, strangely enough only they got stuff done.
2 years ago#22
“Froakie, Bubble attack!” A widespread stream of bubbles is released although their mark was hit it didn’t do much to the cyborg-like Pokemon, “Deus X, Use Take-down.” *SLAM* The frog was smashed into the floor completely unconscious although the Steel Arm Pokemon caused self-inflicted damage.
“Froakie, return.” The frog is returned to an unconscious state, the battle was completely one sided, if another Pokemon was used perhaps Shauna’s Froakie would have a chance but due to the low defences that the members of the Froakie evolutionary line possess one solid hit was enough to render him unconscious.
Without speaking Dante walks over to the side of a bridge before continuing his journey. Serena caught up in time to lecture Dante in the art of Pokemon which he denied, “Serena, the only six Pokemon I will own are already with me, I am never, I repeat Never going to capture another Pokemon unless my life depends on it.”
After a couple hours Dante decides to go back to his house for a rest before heading back to the Santalune forest’s entrance seeing a trainer.
2 years ago#23
Also: Thank GOD I got Tackle with Sketch, I'll train Bereson then continue, give your feed back.
2 years ago#24
5 Scratch
At Level 5 Glameow will stop being dead weight, It's pachirisu all over again
2 years ago#25
2 years ago#26
When Everyone is LV 7 I'll continue
2 years ago#27
missed 5 takedowns in a row, 1/10000....
2 years ago#28
Ronan 0602-6774-3991 (Safari- Mawile, Floette and Kirlia)
Check My Locke @ ;
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