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Talonflame is going to NU

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2 years ago#1
2 years ago#2
I thought these types of topics were dead.
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2 years ago#3
2 years ago#4
This topics going to be NU trash
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2 years ago#5
Yes, I'm that guy from Smogon. 80% of my posts are troll posts. I HATE DRUDDIGON. Mega Latios is garbaje
2 years ago#6
Never playing BL or Below, they are dying of Talonflames now.
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2 years ago#7
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2 years ago#8
If Gale Wings gets banned, maybe. But Smogon aren't THAT ban-happy.
2 years ago#9
SkyLey posted...

Like Volcarona, right?
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2 years ago#10
you smogon fools make me laugh so much
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