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2 years ago#1
I'm EV's training in Special Defence and a shiny Roggenrola appeared….

I already have a shiny Roggenrola, but I have enough EV reducing berries to fix it up….

Should I catch it, or just run??
Creator of the Evilicious Victrary strategy :-D
2 years ago#2
Always go for the shiny. Always.
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2 years ago#3
Kill it

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2 years ago#4
yeah i caught it…. then got confused with the EV's.. may have screwed up a bit… Whimsicott was holding the +SpDef power item, but was thinking it was the +Def, so i thought it got 30 Def EV's so I used 3 Qualot berries, but not sure if I saved before i used or after…. i think it was after but I'll find out when I fully train it….

Glad I have more berries if I need to use them
Creator of the Evilicious Victrary strategy :-D
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