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Give a Pokemon a move that makes sense.

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1 year ago#41
Bisharp gets sacred sword
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1 year ago#42
Meloetta Boomburst
Arcanine/Entei Earthquake
Legendary birds bravebird
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1 year ago#43

Leaf Blade
Psycho Cut
Razor Shell
Air Slash
Secret Sword
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1 year ago#44
Knock Off and Diamond Storm Tyranitar
Brave Bird and Head Smash Aerodactyl
Every move in the game for Mew

And I agree with the above post.
1 year ago#45
Horn Leech for Stantler, Tauros, and Bouffalant.
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1 year ago#46
Gengar: nasty plot
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1 year ago#47
rayoflightning posted...
Typhlosion Earth Power

This has really annoyed me since gen IV, when the move was introduced. He's the freaking Volcano Pokémon, yet can't use the move that is is basically a volcano going off. Every other Pokémon that is even slightly related to volcanic activity gets it, but they can't give it to Typhlosion, because then he might no longer be the worst starter ever. Someone at Gamefreak seriously hates Typhlosion.
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