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For those of you hating on Perfect IV's here a lesson for you.

#1Bryan_SkullPosted 6/9/2014 11:02:13 PM
So you think your pokemon top dog. That your weak charizard is a match for a perfect iv one with perfect matching nature.

Lets use Charizard as an example for this test.

0 IV and 0 EV
LV 100
Netual nature:
And here is the mini your charizard will be.

HP: 266
ATk: 173
DEF: 161
SPATK: 223
SPDEF: 175
Spd: 205

This is garbage in the pokemon world. Come on now let me show you what happens when you boost it speed and speical attack up. And have a nature base on speical attack.
Max ev trainning for speed and speical attack.
Lv 100.
Modest nature

HP: 266
ATk: 155
DEF: 161
SPATK: 314
SPDEF: 175
Spd: 268
Now you thinking you king of the world wrong.

Here a perfect IV with no boost from ev trainning stats.
Netural Nature
Level 100.

HP: 297
ATk: 204
DEF: 192
SPATK: 254
SPDEF: 206
Spd: 236

You thinking oh wow look it stats are boost by a bit. Those are none train in ev stats. Let me show you same training with modest nature with both spacial attack and speed being max out in ev training.

Nature modest.

Lv 100
HP: 297
ATk: 183
DEF: 192
SPATK: 348
SPDEF: 206
Spd: 299
#2discodancer77Posted 6/9/2014 11:05:17 PM
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#3The_Sol_BladerPosted 6/9/2014 11:05:53 PM
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#4DeathParade87Posted 6/9/2014 11:06:38 PM
Did anyone actually need this lesson? Ithought it was known ivs are important
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#5PrettyTonyTigerPosted 6/9/2014 11:06:39 PM
Very informative.
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#6darkdragonflamePosted 6/9/2014 11:11:31 PM
DeathParade87 posted...
Did anyone actually need this lesson? Ithought it was known ivs are important

Read from there.
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#7_KGC_Posted 6/9/2014 11:14:39 PM
darkdragonflame posted...
DeathParade87 posted...
Did anyone actually need this lesson? Ithought it was known ivs are important

Read from there.

Only has 5 pages. :[
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#8Bryan_Skull(Topic Creator)Posted 6/9/2014 11:21:42 PM
there are people who think there pokemon is top dog. When really it a pile of trash.
#9Bryan_Skull(Topic Creator)Posted 6/9/2014 11:22:09 PM
And some people think IV are not important.
#10darkdragonflamePosted 6/9/2014 11:31:05 PM
_KGC_ posted...

Works for me.
But in short.
Blaziken isn't as good and should be banned.
Reason: His Blaziken doesn't do s***
The Blaziken in questions IV's are

Jolly speed boost lv. 84
235 268 125 183 140 218
Flare blitz
Swords dance

Assuming 252Atk and 252 speed EV's

If I used the calculator on Serebii correctly

IV's are 8/11/3/17/21/8

Assuming 4 Hp/252 Attack/252 Speed i got:
Blaziken - #257 (Jolly) : 7 - 8 / 11 / 3 - 4 / 17 - 18 / 21 / 8 - 9

Plays competitively but IV's are not important and should be removed because only hacking brings 6IV mons.

Lol gamefaqs your so funny. IVs don't matter really at all but that's fine. Honestly if they took ivs out of the game it would only be easier for people to get into competitive play which I'm pretty sure is what they want. You know more people playing and spending money on there products. Its only logical. And all this started because I merely said that blaziken did not deserve a ban I never said he was bad so get over yourselfs smogon actually did something wrong for once either live with or remove the ban through a vote but don't pretend like you know anything about me.

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