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The "Talk like a Pokemon" thread

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2 years ago#51
Raka_Putra posted...
Karp karp karp.

"Always bring a banana to a party. Bananas are good."
Storm Silver Nuzlocke:
2 years ago#52


(kricketune seeing a sleeping female gardevoir)
FC: 1435 5375 1663 IGN: Dathedr 80 People agree that Mega garde is viable
The Proud Royal Head Chef of the most Benevolent Mistress, Valerie
2 years ago#53
Oh, really? You were joking? Well, where I come from, jokes are funny!
2 years ago#54
Team Rocket's blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaain. Meow
The cake is a lie. it's really an apple tart.
2 years ago#55
Ching ling ling ling ling ling ling ling ling...

...that's enough.
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