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If the Pokemon World was Real, what Pokemon would be your Partner?

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(message deleted)
11 months ago#62
I would probably have a Farfetch'd. I own ducks
The last choice of preventing failure is by reviving sucess.
I once got modded for liking Mega Swampert
11 months ago#63
WeH4veAHulk posted...
Charizard no contest

Solid's snake still shoots liquid, it's just that it's null.
11 months ago#64
As much as I love Scizor, I'd probably have a Salamence.
I was once modded for illegal activity because I made a topic asking for advice on nicknaming my Pokemon.
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11 months ago#65
Garchomp most likely.
[This message was deleted by a gameFAQs moderator]
11 months ago#66
Either Pikachu or Diggersby.
"DLC is a tool to improve games. Like any tool it can be abused." - Wetstew
11 months ago#67
3DS: 2492-4456-0621 nick:Robby (Friend Safari Type:DRAGON) PM me if you add me! Always looking to complete my pokedex X&Y!
11 months ago#68
Glaceon/Umbreon or Ampharos.. That's a hard choice!
11 months ago#69
Lucario or Garchomp because I especially love both their base forms and megas aesthetically. They're also good competitively.
"A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." -Shigeru Miyamoto
Applei 3DS: 3737-9612-2086
11 months ago#70
Houndoom. He's a perfect watchdog and company for me.
3rd person + Weapon/Class variety + Big Monsters = It's a Monster Hunter clone!
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  3. If the Pokemon World was Real, what Pokemon would be your Partner?

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