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Pokemon Zombie Apocalypse Game: Revived! Or should I say, Undeadified!

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2 years ago#1
You wake up in an empty, destroyed, soon to crumble cabin, you take a look through a window and you find yourself in a world overrun by zombies. To your side, on a desk you find there are three pokeballs, they are your only chances of survival. How long are you going to make it? One night? Six years? It all depends on your trainer skills and your luck.

Welcome to the Pokemon Zombie World.

Now roll the dice to see what pokemon will help you survive.

This is both a customizing and a luck game. You roll the dice, get random pokemons, assign them what you think would be the best moveset for survival on a zombie apocalypse world, and then wait for one of the reviewers to rate your team.

Almost the same scenario as the The Walking Dead series, with a few exceptions. This game consists of two phases:
1. Get your pokemon that will help you survive and post them, and thensee in which city you will be waking up on.
2. On your second post, describe your survival plan, remember it's not too much about combat, but about finding resources and long term survival.

And then one of the reviewers will tell you how good is your survivability, be sure to check several factors like zombie elimination, stealth, food scavenging, water resourcing (remember you can't just drink any body of water you may find, you need to find water filters/purifiers first), how it fares with other survivors, how it fares against bandits, ability for shelter construction and maintenance, escaping prowess, reliability, and resilience. Also, keep in mind, that if you decide to go for the lone, fully evolved pokemon, both you and your pokemon will have a harder time passing turns during nightwatch, and with no partner to tag during battles he will be forced to be relied on constantly with little to no rest between encounters.

Here are the steps:

1. Use this site to get your pokemon exclude legendaries, set it to three pokemon (if you still rolled Mewtwo, re-roll again).

2. For each pokemon you get, it will always be the lowest possible state of its evolutionary line (If you get a Charizard or Charmeleon, it will be counted as a Charmander).

3. After you rolled your pokemons, post them but do not include any other info yet. And then look at the seconds of your post, and see to which city it corresponds. That's the city you and your pokemon will start.

4. And so, after your first post you will automatically enter the Preparation Phase. In Preparation Phase you will decide if you'll evolve a pokemon or not, you will assign them all a moveset within their movepools, abilities, and held items (one per pokemon, key items are included), as well as distribute TMs. Rules regarding this phase will be explained in the next section.

5. Once their builds are complete (natures and and base stats are irrelevant), write what will your survival plan be in the long run. Remember, you can't just go up close and personal with them and go all Close Combat, it takes a single bite to be a game over. And be smart, you don't know for how many days or years you'll be stuck in the apocalypse, be sure to have all the basic needs covered.

6. After your second post you will have to rate until you are rated

continued on next post..
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2 years ago#2
Ok, so what else can you do during Preparation Phase? You get three TMs that you can use distribute among your pokemon however you like. You can also choose to evolve a pokemon. Or if you need it, you can get an extra supply of TMs.

For evolution, you can either:
A) Burn a pokemon, to evolve another pokemon to its next evolution stage, meaning it doesn't go directly to the third evolution stage, you can however repeat this process, but it's not recommended.
B) Burn two of the three TMs to evolve a pokemon to its next evolution stage.

For TMs:
A) In order to get the Extra TMs you can burn a pokemon to receive: one more TM and two "Extra TMs". Extra TMs cannot be burnt. So in short, you get three of which two cannot be used for evolution.
B) Eggs and Tutor moves count as TMs.
C) HMs are unlimited.
D) Depending on the city you start on, you can search and get access to the "Scavenged TM", this TM is free and can only be used once. If none of your pokemon can learn the Scavenged TM, then just ignore it, you can't use it for anything else.

For the plan, keep in mind that:
A) All pokemon pokemon can be infected, including Rock and Steel types, but excluding Ghost Types. Ghosts are immune to infection, but can still be killed.
B) All attacks hit Zombies for neutral damage.
C) Neither pokemon nor zombies have immunities.
D) Your pokemon cannot get inside pokeballs. They will have to be with you always. The only exception is when you either use Fly or Surf.
E) Pokedex entries are also valid. For example, both Espeon and Lucario can detect a person's intentions, that's a great substitute for a dark pokemon.
F) Your pokemons will begin with only 40% of their PP, so if they have a 5 PP move, it will start with 2; if they have a 10 PP move, then it will start with 4, and so on. And every passing day your pokemon's PP are restored by 40%

Grading Factors
Grading factors are essential, be sure to have each covered. These are:

- Infected Elimination (This refers to how easily can you dispatch zombies)
- Stealth (how silent can you be so you don't alert zombies)
- Food (how easily can you get food)
- Water (how easily can you get water)
- Survivors (how easily would you find other survivors and how to ally with them)
- Bandits (how to deal with thieves, fake allies, and anarchist groups)
- Shelter Construction (how easily could you build a shelter, barricades, and traps)
- Escaping Prowess (how easily could you escape if surrounded)
- Reliability (how often can you rely on your pokemon's abilities instead of searching for tools)
- Resilience (how would you deal with injuries, diseases, and psychological wear-down)


- FLYING: Most flying typed pokemon have access to HM Fly, which allows you to withdraw your entire team and fly, regardless of weight. They're also good for scouting from up above, and they can create huge winds.

- FIRE: Fire types create light, keep you warm during winter, use smoke signaling, and dispose of killed zombies.

- ELECTRIC: Electric types can provide mild voltage electricity, and recharge batteries. They also energize your team as such you start out with full pp.

- WATER: Water types can help you find water sources. They can also purify water.

Continued in next post
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2 years ago#3
- GRASS: Grass types can help you find medicinal herbs, they can also help you grow vegetables, fruits and berries faster and with higher effectiveness. (If you get a pokemon with the Harvester ability, you can't die from starvation, but you can't just rely on berries forever.)

- BUG: Bugs can find berries better than any other type. They can also forewarn you from incoming natural phenomena and disasters such as rain, storms, hurricanes, floods, in 72 days of anticipation if unstressed, to 3 hours if highly stressed.

- ICE: Ice types can help you preserve food for a certain time.

- PSYCHIC: Exposure to psychic pokemon makes you able to relax easier and attain peace of mind even during stressful situations. You get full control over sleeping and waking up, your brain automatically ignores the putrid stench from zombies and the constant zombie moaning during sleeptime, and you're less prone to succumb to panic attacks. Also makes you a bit smarter.

- FIGHTING: Exposure to fighting pokemon increases your strength and vitality. You can run for a longer period of time and construct and maintain shelters at a faster rate, they're also the best type to do that as well

- DARK: Dark types measure the level of darkness in the heart of a survivor. So if it tells you that the family you just met has very low levels of darkness, they're ok to trust and form a group with them. If they have very high levels, you better not cross paths with them. They can also tell you if their darkness is natural (naturally evil) or unnatural (has developed a trauma and is not necessary an evil person). They also show one of their fears (good if you want to be a bandit)

- GROUND: Ground types can find hidden or blocked rooms/caves, they're also good for emergency sheltering. What they help the most with is that they can alert you of incoming zombie hordes. With a ground type you're immune to ambush attacks.

- ROCK: Rocks are good for battle since their bodies are hard for the casual zombie bite, but long exposure to large zombie groups can easily dent their bodies and infect them, use them with care and remember to attend any scratch on them after a battle. They can also create small sized emergency boulder barricades, these barricades turn to dust after an hour of being created.

- STEEL: Like rock types, steel types also have great resistance to bites, but they're still not immune to infection. They can also create emergency barbed wire fences. While the Boulder Barricades are good for entrances and passageways, the Barbed Wired Fences are good for perimeter surrounding.

- NORMAL: Normal types do not have an advantage over any other type, so in order to survive they had to adapt to the dire situations, that way gaining access to White TMs. If you have a normal type pokemon, you get an extra TM, the White TM, and these can only be used by normal types and cannot be burned for evolution.

- POISON: Exposure to poison types increases your immune system making you more resistant to poisonous environments, as well as preventing diseases. You can also safely digest expired foods.

- DRAGON: Dragon types are a legendary race of power, and as such, their moves gain a 50% increase in accuracy and PP.

- GHOST: Ghost types get the bonus of being the only type immune to infection. They can still be killed if outnumbered. They can also increase your team's resistance to zombie infection (but not prevent them)

- FAIRY: Fairy types are known as the beings of magic and wonder, and as such, your fairy type pokemon grants you the ability to evolve one of your pokemon by one stage.

Continued in the next post
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2 years ago#4
The Cities

Depending of the seconds of your first post you will start in the city it corresponds. Cities are obviously much larger than pictured, it's not just about four houses and that's it, they are realistically sized cities with some resemblance to their game counterparts. Gym Leaders may or may not be alive. All cities have their own rations of zombies, some more than others. others. These are:

01 - Pewter City
Scavenged TM: Rock Tomb or Rock Slide
Characteristics: Museum, Planting Area.

02 - Violet City
Scavenged TM: Roost or Rock Smash
Characteristics: Forest, Lake, Barricaded Tower

03 - Rustboro City
Scavenged TM: Rock Tomb
Characteristics: Corporative Buildings, School, Seaside

04 - Oreburgh City
Scavenged TM: Stealth Rock
Characteristics: Large, Construction Site, Cave

05 - Striaton City
Scavenged TM: Calm Mind or Work Up
Characteristics: Forest, Restaurant, School, Survivors, Water well

06 - Santalune City
Scavenged TM: Any Bug TM from all generations.
Characteristics: Three entrances, School, Varied survivors

07 - Cerulean City
Scavenged TM: Rain Dance, Bubblebeam, or a PP Max
Characteristics: Four entrances, Cave, River, Scavenged houses

08 - Azalea Town
Scavenged TM: Fury Cutter or U-Turn
Characteristics: Town size, Charcoal Kiln, Water well

09 - Dewford Town
Scavenged TM: Sludge Bomb or a Fighting TM from all generations.
Characteristics: Town size, Forest, Beach, Cave, Mountain

10 - Any Kanto City

11 - Eterna City
Scavenged TM: Grass Knot or Recycle (Recycle needs to be traded for another TM)
Characteristics: Mall, Bike Shop, Herb Shop, Museum, Bandits, Ponds, Underground access

12 - Nacrene City
Scavenged TM: A Normal TM
Characteristics: Forest, Museum, Department Stores, Condominiums

13 - Cyllage City
Scavenged TM: Rock Tomb
Characteristics: Cafe, Hotel, Beach, Small Island

14 - Vermillion City
Scavenged TM: Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, or a PP Max
Characteristics: Port, Abandoned Cruise Ship, Varied Survivors, Construction Site
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2 years ago#5
15 - Goldenrod City
Scavenged TM: A Normal TM
Characteristics: Large, Department Stores, Bandits, Radio Tower, Shut down Train Station, Flower Shop

16 - Mauville City
Scavenged TM: Thunderbolt or Rock Smash
Characteristics: Four Entrances, Bike Store, Varied Survivors

17 - Veilstone City
Scavenged TM: Any Fighting TM from all generations, or a PP Max
Characteristics: Mountainous, Isolated, Ocean, Scarce Bandits.

18 - Castelia City
Scavenged TM: Rest, Flash, Attract, or Struggle Bug
Characteristics: Metropolis, Infestated, Survivors, Bandits, Piers, Claimed speed boats

19 - Shalour City
Scavenged TM: Dig, Safeguard, or a Fighting TM from all generations
Characteristics: Ocean, Forest, Bridged Peninsula

20 - Any Johto City:

21 - Celadon City
Scavenged TM: Energy Ball
Characteristics: Malls, Condominiums, Hotel, Bandits

22 - Ecruteak City
Scavenged TM: Shadow Ball
Characteristics: Fog, Lake, Burnt Tower, Abandoned Theater

23 - Lavaridge Town
Scavenged TM: Flamethrower
Characteristics: Town size, Hot Springs, Herb Shop

24 - Pastoria City
Scavenged TM: Rain Dance or Brine
Characteristics: Safari, Swamp, Speed Boats

25 - Nimbasa City
Scavenged TM: Safeguard or Volt Switch
Characteristics: Large, River, Survivors, Half population became infected, Stadium, Shut down Subway Station, Theater

26 - Coumarine City
Scavenged TM: Grass Knot
Characteristics: Port, Hotel, Shut down Train Station, Herb and Incense Shop

27 - Fuchsia City
Scavenged TM: Toxic or Sludge Bomb
Characteristics: Fog, Safari, Ponds

28 - Cianwood City
Scavenged TM: Rock Smash or a Fighting TM from all generations
Characteristics: Beach, Pharmacy

29 - Petalburg City
Scavenged TM: A Normal TM
Characteristics: Lakes, Forest, Bandits

30 - Any Hoenn City
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2 years ago#6
31 - Hearthome City
Scavenged TM: Shadow ball
Characteristics: Large, Varied Survivors, Buildings, Four Entrances

32 - Icirrus City
Scavenged TM: Frostbreath or a PP Max
Characteristics: Cave, Tools and Devices

33 - Lumiose City
Scavenged TM: Bulldoze, Struggle Bug, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, or Thunderbolt
Characteristics: Metropolis, Half population became infected, Survivors, Bandits, Multiple Entrances

34 - Saffron City
Scavenged TM: Psychic, Psywave, Calm Mind, or Skill Swap
Characteristics: Four quickly barricaded tunnels, Corporate buildings, Shut down train station

35 - Olivine City
Scavenged TM: Flash Cannon or Iron Tail
Characteristics: Lighthouse, Port, Cafe

36 - Fortree City
Scavenged TM: Any Flying TM from all generations, or a PP Max
Characteristics: Dense Forest, Tree houses

37 - Canalave City
Scavenged TM: Flash Cannon
Characteristics: Ports, Library, Bisected: One half is safely fenced and barricaded guarded by paranoid guards, the other is infestated. You wake up in the infestated half.

38 - Driftveil City
Scavenged TM: Dig, Bulldoze, or Earthquake
Characteristics: Forest, Docks, Lighthouse

39 - Laverre City
Scavenged TM: Dazzling Gleam
Characteristics: Destroyed Barricaded Cafe, Survivors

40 - Any Sinnoh City

41 - Cinnabar Island
Scavenged TM: Flamethrower
Characteristics: Town Size, Island, Volcano, Mansion, Abandoned Lab, Semi-Isolated

42 - Mahogany Town
Scavenged TM: Ice Beam or Aurora Beam
Characteristics: Town Size, Grocery Store, Thieves

43 - Mossdeep City
Scavenged TM: Psychic or Calm Mind
Characteristics: Large, Mountainous, Peninsula, Beach, Space Center, scavenged houses

44 - Snowpoint City
Scavenged TM: Avalanche, Ice Beam, or Aurora beam
Characteristics: Isolated, Port

45 - Mistralton City
Scavenged TM: Sunny Day, Rain Dance, or any Flying TM from all generations
Characteristics: Cargo Planes, Anarchist Group
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2 years ago#7
46 - Anistar City
Scavenged TM: Flamethrower, Double Team, Substitute, or Calm Mind
Characteristics: Ocean, Tools and Devices

47 - Viridian City
Scavenged TM: Fissure, Earthquake, or Trick Room
Characteristics: Three Entrances, Forest, Mountainside, Relatively low but still growing infection area, scarce bandits.

48 - Blackthorn City
Scavenged TM: Any Dragon TM from all generations, or a PP Max
Characteristics: Mountainous, Lake, River, Cave, Ice Cave

49 - Sootopolis City
Scavenged TM: Rain Dance
Characteristics: Mountainous, Lake, Small Cabins, Small Island, Fog

50 - Any Unova City

51 - Aspertia City
Scavenged TM: Energy Ball or Work Up
Characteristics: Forest, School, Pond

52 - Snowbelle City
Scavenged TM: Aurora Beam or Ice Beam
Characteristics: Prone to storms and hurricanes

53 - Sunyshore City
Scavenged TM: Thunderbolt or Charge Beam
Characteristics: Walkways System, Lighthouse, Ocean

54 - Opelucid City
Scavenged TM: Any Dragon TM from all generations, or a PP Max
Characteristics: Barricaded Houses, Destroyed Houses, Labyrinth like

55 - Virbank City
Scavenged TM: Venoshock or Sludge Bomb
Characteristics: Harbor, Construction Zone, Claimed Boat, Small Island, Forest

56 - Lavender Town
Scavenged TM: PP Max
Characteristics: Three entrances, relatively small infection zone, uncontaminated graveyard.

57 - Kanto Power Plant
Scavenged TM: Charge Beam
Characteristics: Electric Power Plant, River, Mountainside, Restricted Entrance, Fenced, Survivors, Very low infection zone, VERY LOUD.

58 - Kiloude City
Scavenged TM: Flamethrower, Rain Dance, Psychic, Safeguard, Detect, Mind Reader, Recycle (For Recycle you need to trade a TM)
Characteristics: Lake, Planting Area, Shut down train station, Highly trained survivors, Great competition for resources, Very low infection area due to expert survivors

59 - Any city, town, or area in the Pokemon World
Scavenged TM: Any TMs found in that area
Characteristics: Whatever characteristics that area has

00 - Any Kalos City

Those are the cities, don't forget to include this piece of information in your plan.

Continued in next post.
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2 years ago#8
Little is known about what caused the infection, it's speculated that its an airborne virus, and so water must first be purified before drinking. Infection spreads through bites and laceration scracthes from the infected. A bitten subject will die after some hours and reanimation follows from six minutes to three hours.

The infected consists of both humans and pokemons, and just like in the grass of the pokemon games, there is an undetermined number of zombies. Zombie pokemon can only bite and scratch, the abilities they had when they were once alive no longer have its effect

The infected-survivors ratio is unknown but it's speculated to be about 1 to 1000 approximately

It's estimated that 75% of these zombies are resistant and need about a 60 base power and higher attack to be take down in one hit, these are called walkers.

About 20% are called runners, they're recently reanimated and are able to run as fast as they used to be when they were alive, 85% accuracy moves and lower will have a harder time hitting them. But they're frail, attacks as low as 30 base power can handle them in one shot.

The 4% are corpses with high concentration of mutated virus, these are called Tankers, they need to be hit multiple times in order to be taken down, they're a bit faster than the walkers, but slower than the runners.

The other 1% are Lurkers, decayed, stationary corpses that seem to be neutralized, but that will only attack if anyone is close enough

Are Mega Stones allowed?

Yes they are, but only for a limited amount of time.

Can pokemon hold evolution stones?

Evolution Stones as held items are allowed. But this evolution counts as after Battle Preparation, and so you will have to declare its evolution in your plan. If you do this, immediately after evolving you can rearrange its moves and attacks.

If you use an item to evolve a normal type pokemon (say eevee, for example) to a non normal pokemon, can it still use the White TM? One would think that it could have used it, then evolved.

That's correct. Since Preparation Phase was performed with the unevolved normal pokemon, it means that you get to use the White TM, and you also have the option to evolve it after the outbreak begins, during your plan. The deal is that you're basically trading an item slot that could have been a Smoke Ball, a Lum Berry, or Region Map. It's up to you to see which decision will help you the most.

So I rolled 3 more and one of my pokemon is snorunt. So say I want to evolve it to froslass, could I give it a dawn stone as the held item to do it, or would I still need to burn two TMs or a pokemon?

You don't need to fulfill the TM requirement if you're going for the Holding Evolution Item method. But you can still burn the TMs to make the evolved pokemon have an empty item slot that you could fill.

How exactly do trade evolutions work?

If you roll a pokemon that evolves by trading and you do want to evolve it, then you can evolve it up to the stage before the evolution (Dusclops for example). Then you can evolve it using the stone hold method using the reaper cloth (if the pokemon doesn't have a evolution specific item then i.e. Haunter, then give it the soothe bell as a substitute)

Survival begins now..
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2 years ago#9
Boom: I got Froakie,
I burn one two tm to evolve Froakie to Greninja. I have a ninja. I teach Greninja waterfall and and surf. (HMs UNLIMITED FTW!) I teach all of my members protect. Then I teach Yanma Fly. Then I can patrol everything from above before I go in for food. Yanma can get berries while we have protect around us, until we find a huge supply. Then we can stop looking for food for a long time. Same with Greninja and water. I'm all set.
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2 years ago#10
^ nope, takes two TM's to evolve, and that only gets you one stage. You need four to get a Greninja, which is impossible, so if you want him you need to give up at least one pokemon.
Chuck Finley is Forever! People that agree: 7. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and am 100% proud of it. Kabutops: because who needs hands?
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