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Which pokemon game did you have the most/least fun playing the in game story?

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User Info: MattOkami

2 years ago#51
Most Fun: Platinum. Probably the first one I played seriously, and I also love Giratina.
Least Fun: SS, with X and Black 2 close. I don't know why, but I slimply didn't get into the story of those.
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User Info: Charmander75

2 years ago#52
I m sorry to say ruby . I just couldn't get over the fact u don't battle May at full leveled poke and he battle them was my favorite I hope they fix it in the remakes .
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User Info: loftwingblue

2 years ago#53
Most fun: That's really hard for me, Hoenn is definitely my favorite place, HG/SS were the best remakes and X/Y had a really fun story and with so much variety in pokemon. Not to mention I loved how the game looked opposed to say, D/P. I have to say all three because I adore those the absolute most.

Least fun: Black and White 1 and 2. The entire game was SO boring. And you couldn't even catch the legendary until after the elite four in 2. (I don't remember 1) I don't use legendaries for the elite four, but I like to have some fun with it before I go on. Platinum bored me, but it was nothing compared to the B/W series. They seriously sucked, didn't even do a second play-through.

User Info: Worm199

2 years ago#54
Most fun: White and Gold - Sorry, I cannot choose between one of these games. Gold for the great nostalgia of having my strong Typhlosion on a team and finding different pokes interesting of use. White for being my favorite, having tons of new awesome Pokemon designs and great old favorites after completing the game.

Least fun: Platinum - I also had great fun in this game, but due to the weak designs of the new Pokemon (except for the starters) I ended up having a typical nostalgia Pokemon team without any new additions, which I thought was boring.
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User Info: Lexifox

2 years ago#55
Most fun is probably BW2.
Worst is HG/SS.
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User Info: IreneGirl12

2 years ago#56
Most fun: Soul Silver/X

Least fun: Black

I kinda hated Black and White, but I really enjoyed Black 2 o.o
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User Info: ashrobb

2 years ago#57
Most fun: hard to pick one, but definitely between RBY and GS. Those were christmas gifts to me and the PokéManía was just starting in this side of the world. I also had friends living near to me and we shared together a lot of fun playing, battling and trading. Oh, so much nostalgia <3

Least fun: D/P. They were so slow! And I didn't have a DS in that time so playing them in PC was even worst. I didn't enjoy BW either, and I've only played those games once unlike its sequels, which are between my favorites.
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User Info: LightningAce11

2 years ago#58
Most fun: either white or platinum

Least fun: hgss or this game
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User Info: LolOkIGuess

2 years ago#59
most fun: emerald. everything seemed balanced. i really liked the battle facility they had post game. hg/ss also, i loved all the things like walking with pokemon and the sports arena
least fun: X and Y. if there was no 3D this game would have nothing. black/white 1 and 2
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User Info: Gunsandredroses

2 years ago#60
Rankings, based on most fun playing:

Black 2
White 2
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