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I can't believe they released this game without any good glitches in it.

#1KingTaurosPosted 7/2/2014 1:14:44 AM
Only dumb ones where saving makes the game unplayable. This series became so popular in the first place because of the iconic glitches in the original. It's sad to see it stray so far away from its roots, a series' pinnacle should not be the very first game.
#2actuatedkarmaPosted 7/2/2014 1:16:00 AM
So you want GF to screw up The game Then?
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#3Adam_AcePosted 7/2/2014 1:18:45 AM
To be fair they did introduce a lot of weird stuff to keep us guessing. Who needs glitches when the game teases you at every bloody turn?
#4discodancer77Posted 7/2/2014 1:30:17 AM
KingTauros, it's been a while. Go away.
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#5BlissedIgnorancPosted 7/2/2014 2:02:49 AM
Inb4 King Trollos starts spamming "these aren't as good as the original god pokemon games."
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#6CommonDreadsPosted 7/2/2014 2:18:55 AM
I did like the emerald cloning glitch
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#7rojsePosted 7/2/2014 2:20:05 AM
Not going to catch any fish with such awful bait.
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#8wolf riderPosted 7/2/2014 2:20:46 AM
Parental Bond was intentional?
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#9EdoSasukePosted 7/2/2014 2:31:51 AM
So you want a missingo game breaking glitch?
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#10Cpt_CalamityPosted 7/2/2014 7:14:48 AM
wolf rider posted...
Parental Bond was intentional?

I don't understand this post... Yes?
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