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Type Archetypes :)

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2 years ago#1
So heres an idea for fun, what does everyone think is the archetypal pokemon of a type? Like a pokemon that you think best embodies a types attributes? Doesn't have to be a pure type pokemon. So E.G

Clefairy for archetypal Fairy
Arbok for Poison

etc. etc. :)

Probably going to be another one of my threads that doesn't get m/any replies :(
2 years ago#2
Haunter for ghost.
Laugh. It's all good.
2 years ago#3
Vaporeon for Water.

The thing melts in Water, for crying out loud. XD
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2 years ago#4
Charizard - Fire
Blastoise - Water
Venusaur - Grass
Pikachu - Electric
Umbreon - Dark
Allakazham - Psyhic
Diglett - Ground
Hitmonchan - Fight
Pidgey - Flying
Catapie - Bug
Steelix - Steel
Dragonair - Dragon
Articuno - Ice
Haunter - Ghost
Rhydon - Rock
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2 years ago#5
Sylveon for archetypal fairy*
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also topic killer
2 years ago#6
Venusaur for Grass, Ferrothorn/Skarmory for Steel, Gengar for Ghost.
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2 years ago#7
Onix for Rock seems good. It's literally just a bunch of rocks.
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2 years ago#8
I agree with Rhydon, it was the first pokemon ever created! And I think Raticate or Eevee for Normal, and Houndoom for Dark. Steelix for Steel, and Pidgeot for Flying.
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2 years ago#9
Florges for Grass

See what I did there?
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2 years ago#10
Snorlax for Normal

Slugma for Fire
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