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Appearance percentage may vary?

#1dragonrider1Posted 7/4/2014 9:36:16 PM
I'm beginning to think that appearance percentages listed in the FAQs section are based off the one playthrough/character. I'm finding pokemon appearance rates to be vastly different on each time I restart my game and make a new character. I think the locations are set, but the appearance ratio is randomized. For example, Alex 'Vin' Kleinheider's guide put the appearance of Dunsparce on Route 22 to be about 4%, the most infrequent. Keyblade999's FAQ doesn't even mention it at all. Whereas I am running into Dunsparce more than anything else on the route. I've seen about 30 of them, looking for a Riolu (12% in Alex's FAQ), but only a smaller handful of everything else. Thoughts?
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