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What Are Your Five Most Favorite Pokemon?

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2 years ago#1
5. Gardevoir: Just cuz'

4. Pikachu: You will always hold a place in my heart :')

3. Chingling: The thing is adorable in the anime.

2. Scolipede: Amazing competitively, amazing design!

1. Froslass: Love the thing. I named mine "Ice Lady", found it marvelous.
2 years ago#2
I usually don't say much...
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2 years ago#3
5: Raichu First caught poke
4: Lucario Just cus'
3: Swalot Never underestmate the vacuum
2: Greninja Starter
1 Charizard No judge please
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2 years ago#4
1. Milotic
2. Slaking
3. Minun/Plusle
4. Meganium
5. Carbink
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2 years ago#5
1. Zangoose
2. Lucario
3. Houndoom
4. Growlithe
5. Scizor

In that order.
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2 years ago#6
1. Haunter
2. Stantler
3. Lopunny
4. Spiritomb
5. Delibird
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2 years ago#7
5. Misdreavus
4. Blaziken
3. Rayquaza
2. Magmar
1. Zangoose
2 years ago#8
Mine changes alot
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2 years ago#9
5. Deoxys/Darkrai
4. Charizard
3. Sceptile
2. Rayquaza
1. Swampert
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2 years ago#10
1. Absol

Mega Absol is competitively viable. PM me if you agree. Number of people who agree so far: 29
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