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What Are Your Five Most Favorite Pokemon?

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2 years ago#11
5. Mightyena- While it doesn't do well in battle, I love its design.
4. Houndoom- Former favourite Pokémon and I love canines. Also, cerberus are neat looking.
3. Heliolisk- I love how it's based off one of my favourite mythological creatures. Plus, I love lizards.
2. Hydreigon- This Pokémon was one of the reasons why I wanted to get Black/White. It's a three headed dragon combined with two of my favourite types.
1. Scrafty- <3
Artist and Scrafty fan~
2 years ago#12
5) giratina
4) metagross
3) latias
2) arcanine
1) dragonite

Basically most dragons
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2 years ago#13
1) Meganium
2) Blaziken
3) Pidgeot
4) Krookodile
5) Glaceon
2 years ago#14
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2 years ago#15
5. Mightyena
4. Pyroar
3. Scrafty
1. Lanturn or Noivern tied
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2 years ago#16
Metagross (named it Windows XP)
Giratina-O (HAIL SATAN)
Chesnaught (now my favorite starter)
Mudkipz (no seriously swampert was my fave starter)
Darkrai (named mine the reaper)
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2 years ago#17
5. Greninja - It's very good competitively and it looks cool.
4. Landorus - Same as above.
3. Conkelldur - Same as above.
2. Bisharp - Same as above.
1. Tie between Tyranitar and Zard - Same as above.

I only like pokemon if they are good competitively or cool looking :3.
What's your favorite pokemon? Mine's Shrek.
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2 years ago#18

In that order
2 years ago#19
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2 years ago#20
5. Metagross (Beldum was my first 6IV Pokemon)

4. Mega Aerodactyl (my main Mega. I don't actually like the original too much)

3. Krookodile (one of the funnest Pokemon to use. One of my few repeats)

2. Sawsbuck (first Pokemon I ever EV trained. It was worth it)

1. Pyroar (I have no idea why.)
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