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What's a good Pokemon to partner with Dragonite?

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1 year ago#1
Title says it all. (Except for the stuff it doesn't.)

Here's my Dragonite's Build:


255 Attack
255 Speed
4 HP

31 HP
31 Attack
31 Defense
31 Special Defense
31 Speed

Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Rock Slide

Life Orb


Some partner's I were considering were Tyranitar and Metagross, because just like Dragonite, they hit like trucks. Do you think those would work? Or would something else be more beneficial?
1 year ago#2
Mega Mawile
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1 year ago#3
Darkrai. Dark void everything and set up your dragonite. geegee
1 year ago#4
Firstly, lol.

Try dugtrio magnezone or probopass. They can trap steel types that would wall dnite
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1 year ago#5
Cheater. How did you get 514 evs?
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1 year ago#6
I think that you should chuck in volcanion with that dragonite
he needs all 7 iv's though
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1 year ago#7
Take life orb off
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1 year ago#8
1 year ago#9
Someone with fake out might work well. Try mienshao, it has access to fake out, it's fast, and hits pretty hard and you can use that fake out to have dragonite set up DD
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1 year ago#10
LightningAce11 posted...
Cheater. How did you get 514 evs?

252 + 252 = 504. You have 4 EV's to spare. (I don't know why 6 doesn't work however.)

As for everyone else, thanks for your help. I'll take all of your suggestions into consideration, and do my research. ^_^
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