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Who's your favorite pokemon to touch in Pokemon-Amie?

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2 years ago#71
All of the eeveelutions. Except umbreon. He always looks angry.
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2 years ago#72
GatedSunOne posted...
Bearacudda98 posted...
GatedSunOne posted...
Right now, that distinction goes to Kirlia.

The thing is as endearing as a little girl in Amie. I may be biased though; as I like the entire line Kirlia belongs to over any other Pokemon...

That post sounds really creepy for some reason...


And here I was trying to make a positive comment on a favorite of mine.

Is Kirlia not feminine in appearance? Or is this just how Users adore to annoy by taking posts out of context?

It was mostly the you likening it to a little girl that made it creepy
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2 years ago#73
Whimsicott. In fact, both members of the Cottonee line are just ADORABLE, especially with Cottonee's little waving leaves...d'awwwww...
2 years ago#74
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2 years ago#75
Anything I own.
2 years ago#76

2 years ago#77
Gardevoir & Sylveon, cuz' I love to rub both of my lil' studmuffins lol
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2 years ago#78
speckledpanda09 posted...
Sithis791 posted...
Even if they were "attracted" to Kirlia/Gardevoir, that doesn't make them a pedo. Grow up.

Well for garde no, that just makes them weird. Kirilia is the pokemon equivilent of like a 12 year old girl tho

Isn't Braixen the same thing then? 3 feet tall, mid-evolution, skirt...

At least he's not going full lolicon and choosing ralts.
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2 years ago#79
DUhhh Jynx
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2 years ago#80
Goodra for now.
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