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Post your favorite Pokemon Move and Ill guess your Pokemon.

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User Info: RPGgamer777

2 years ago#41
You still haven't guessed mine.
"Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt." - Act I Scene IV

User Info: DankaDummkopf

2 years ago#42
swords dance aegislash is the only thing that by definition makes it an uber. you shouldn't comment on a meta you don't understand ok

User Info: The_Dragonw

2 years ago#43
Gen 3's Super Glitch
The official Super Enraged Shadow Lugia of everywhere

User Info: Dreadsword101

2 years ago#44
Dreadsword101 posted...
You going to try to guess mine?

lindaluv posted...

You said Hex right.. if so then its gotta be one of my personal Favorites ... G E N G A R. If not shame on you T_T

Incorrect, sorry.
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This isn't just an FC, it's an FC.

User Info: SlymSkerrrrrt

2 years ago#45
I think of each tape as a child and I guess the copy of AJW Dreamslam 1 would be my lover - DizzyTechno

User Info: omgitsjustme

2 years ago#46
3DS: 3540-0561-8788 IGN: Sync
Luck is competitive - Verlisify, 26 July 2014

User Info: fawful_X

2 years ago#47
...Ho-oh isn't my favorite.

Try again, although you're on the right track SOMEHOW.
My Current Nuzlocke:
Born in a board of strife! Against the odds, we choose to post!

User Info: KingOfAllCondos

2 years ago#48
79% of all stair accidents happen on the stairs.
3ds FC: 2938-6029-1524 Ferroseed, Klang, Excadrill

User Info: LegitSweg

2 years ago#49
Perish Song

User Info: jolll4

2 years ago#50
Toxic. You thought it would be easy?

also, protect
3DS code: 0361-7746-4221 - Joe
Kanto has more poison types than the rest of the gens combined
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