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Which region do you love the most ?and why?

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User Info: NinjaSeviper

2 years ago#1

Out of all the regionn I love Johto the most because it was the first region I played and I loved the starters
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User Info: wind64a

2 years ago#2
I love the Sinnoh region the most due to its varied climate, extensive cave systems (both above and under ground), hidden paths, and side stories with varied characters. It also has a gigantic library and I love to read.
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User Info: _Tappor_

2 years ago#3
NinjaSeviper posted...

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User Info: shadic1991

2 years ago#4
Johto, because it was my first region and had a lot of fun playing pokemon silver when I was young. I also enjoyed heart gold btw.

And warrkrem??
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User Info: rjvcrisen5

2 years ago#5
Johto was my first region and it gave me Typhlosion
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User Info: KillerMechanoid

2 years ago#6
NinjaSeviper posted...

Metagross, Magnezone, Genesect, Golurk = best Pokemon ever. Robots FTW.
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User Info: R-A-V

2 years ago#7
Warkrreem is the most memorable

User Info: hollyleaf1122

2 years ago#8
Personally, my favorites were the Hoenn and Johto regions. I like the Hoenn legendaries and Johto was the first game that hooked me on Pokemon.
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User Info: SpoinkRulezz

2 years ago#9
Hoenn. Landscape variety (although I find the desert to be a bit randomly placed), exotic feel, interesting lore/mysterious areas.

User Info: Kitschgardener

2 years ago#10
Hoenn for dat Battle Frontier, dose volcanoes/deserts/ocean depths and dat roulette.
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