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Which region do you love the most ?and why?

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1 year ago#11
Lol Orre. Johto actually.
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1 year ago#12
Gotta go with Johto. I really like Dark Cave, Union Cave, Slowpoke Well, all the caves really. Loved Mt. Mortar. They're a lot bigger underneath. Ice Path I wasn't a huge fan of, didn't like Victory Road either. But those caves. Mt. Silver was cool too. Vast networks of caverns...
1 year ago#13
where is orre
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1 year ago#14
Gen 8 San Diego region
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1 year ago#15
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1 year ago#16
I would say Johto, but not because I believe it is objectively the best region. Blue version was my first video game as a kid and I loved it, but Silver completely blew my mind lol. The new color graphics, the ability to travel to kanto, the fact that you got to battle red at the top of Mt Silver, and I still like a lot of gen 2 pokemon personally

It was also at a time when the internet wasn't as huge. My parents didn't let me use the computer that much when I was a kid, and I didn't have any paper strategy guide for the game (neither did my friends). I was also the first one out of my friends to discover all the cool stuff like battling red, where you could find smeargle and other rare pokemon, etc. Discovering every little bit of that game on my own and not having anything spoiled for me was pretty awesome.

So yes, my reasoning is highly nostalgia based, but nostalgia is a proven psychological phenomenon that makes humans happy, so there.
1 year ago#17

Mainly because it was so radically different from the others, it had brand new pokes, the best villan team (original plasma not neo plasma) and it just looked cool too with the seasons and everything (I have 1 of each sawsbuck in my bank)
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1 year ago#18
Unova. It was such a fun region to travel.

Johto. The blandest region imo (Kanto boss rus doesn't help either).
1 year ago#19
Sinnoh because of the beautiful girl I explored that region with.
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