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Whats your thought about breeding? (Poll)
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Saixe1112/22 12:52PM
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Will this code work on a U.S. based Pokemon game and 3ds?moonlite13312/22 10:26AM
What we all haven't considered...F150II312/22 12:50AM
For the X/Y only owners, why don't you have OA/AS?
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megamanx12913112/21 9:49PM
GTS without legendary filter is crap!Hastewind712/21 9:10PM
Should I do Boomburst or Draco Meteor on Noivern?CarefreeDude812/21 7:59PM
Breeding Questionredmagejohn312/21 6:55PM
RNG seriously hates this guyMuffinz0rz412/21 4:19PM
destroyed with my cloyster team (Archived)RHS_1812/21 3:17PM
Why is this game good to anyone who doesn't play online? (Archived)
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darcandkharg311712/21 2:30PM
Can you still get Diancia (or whatever its called) and its Mega Stone (Archived)DauthiBaldrs212/21 1:37PM
Vaporeon or Umbreon (Archived)CaptainK14312/21 1:25PM
New Ribbons to Gen 6?? (Archived)DigiDude77512/21 12:55PM
Do I need to have black/white/black2/white2 beaten to transfer from soulsilver? (Archived)Dark Gunner212/21 11:18AM
Kalos Starter Megas (Archived)
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El_Houndoomo1512/21 9:36AM
Choice Band Garchomp or Sword Dance Garchomp? (Archived)
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carlostmontiel1112/21 4:55AM
Question for those who downloaded their game from eShop. (Archived)happychappy654112/21 3:20AM