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When did you realize X and Y weren't the 10/10 pokemon games you were hoping for

#1LightningAce11Posted 8/2/2014 2:35:47 PM
It dropped to 9 when there were only 70 pokemon, then 7 after the elite four.

Basically I was so hyped up and this game wasn't as good as I'd hoped.
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#2Cpt_CalamityPosted 8/2/2014 2:36:44 PM
Dropped to 5 for me when I realized how broken Knock-Off is and how the metagame revolves around it.
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#3zelionxPosted 8/2/2014 2:36:46 PM
Game dropped to a 0/10 for me in January
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#4LexifoxPosted 8/2/2014 2:37:11 PM
When I realized there were like, no new Pokemon.
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#5TropiOUsPosted 8/2/2014 2:37:27 PM
it is a 10/10 for me
and that is only ebcause it got me to stop playing singles and taking smogon seriously
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#6mrballerswagginPosted 8/2/2014 2:37:47 PM
zelionx posted...
Game dropped to a 0/10 for me in January

I was just about to inb4 what you said.
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#7DarkKirby2500Posted 8/2/2014 2:38:04 PM
Around Diamond and Pearl I realized Game Freak wasn't exactly ever going to try shooting for the stars.
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#8FinalInsanityPosted 8/2/2014 2:39:29 PM
about a 6/10 after the initial "rush" of a new Pokemanz game ran out (so a few days after it came out)

ORAS, I have high hopes for.
#9kingjam1Posted 8/2/2014 2:42:45 PM
When it was announced.
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#10ThornAernoughtPosted 8/2/2014 2:43:06 PM
I didn't mind the lack of pokemon. It let me figure out what all the pokemon from gen 5 were (I played all of gen 5 in about a week, only thing that stuck in my mind was that excadrill).