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Whats ye favorite Ubers Pokemon?

#1BandedAegislashPosted 8/2/2014 4:15:21 PM
Me favorite has to be me man Aegislash.
BannedAegislash here.
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#2ElCruzXDPosted 8/2/2014 4:31:28 PM
Our God Arceus is the only answer.

And Kyogre.
#3ChapFromKrugisPosted 8/2/2014 4:54:33 PM
ye olde mewtwo
#4EdoSasukePosted 8/2/2014 5:11:27 PM
Aegislash is the only correct answer
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#5AquasitionPosted 8/2/2014 5:12:32 PM
ooh, that one's tough.
Uh, I guess I'm a fan of xerneas. And it doesn't even have to be Geoxern. SDef ClericXern is also a thing
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#6LightningAce11Posted 8/2/2014 5:13:00 PM
Kyogre is love, Kyogre is life.
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#7mrballerswagginPosted 8/2/2014 5:13:49 PM
Sky Shaymin
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#8RAcastBlasterPosted 8/2/2014 5:15:13 PM
Arceus for me, followed by Zekrom and Groudon.
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#9BestInTheWorIdPosted 8/2/2014 5:15:21 PM
Aegislash was never worthy of Uber status.