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Make a Pokemon based on your favorite comedy movie character

#1Bearacudda98Posted 8/3/2014 12:02:50 AM
Black Knight (Monty Python)


I'm Invincible!!
After Fainting this pokemon gets back up with 3/4 max health, then 1/2 max health, then 1/4 max health then gets back up with full health but attacking and speed stats are reduced to 1 after finally getting taken down he faints

100 HP
60 Atk
160 Def
60 SpAtk
160 Spdef
75 Spd

Sig Move
None Shall Pass
Steel Type
User refuses to move but does not let anyone pass. (Block and Protect at the same time. fails if the target is already trapped)
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#2Meeper12346Posted 8/4/2014 4:18:00 PM
Hulk (The Amazing Hulk)
Huge Power
Doubles attack stat
Learns a bunch of punch and kick moves. Does not get Swords Dance but gets Belly Drum and Hone Claws. Slow but bulky physical attacker