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Rate this new priority move

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User Info: Faust_8

2 years ago#1
Clairvoyant Strike *name not final >_>
Type: Psychic
BP: 50
PP: 20

User reads the opponent's mind and strikes beforehand. Usually goes first. (Priority +1)

Distribution: only on Psychic Pokemon.

Why? Because being a Psychic type right now stinks pretty bad. Not only has Dark and Ghost become more common, but Fairy has encroached upon their one saving grace--being resistant to and strong against Fighting (which is now less common as well).

I think this would be a small buff to some Psychic types (like Reuniclus for example) giving them a more powerful priority than other types, and it's also giving us a second special priority attack.
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User Info: ThornAernought

2 years ago#2
Seems decent. Give it to lucario as an egg move, maybe. I've always liked the idea of his special sets.

User Info: 17Master

2 years ago#3
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