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with the recent aegislash ban, what's the next pokemon you would like to see go?

#21AysanderPosted 8/5/2014 6:21:14 PM(edited)
Is Charizard X really causing so much of a problem that it's suspected? I admit MegaMawile can be somewhat troublesome (Still not Ubers worthy imo), but I thought that the general census was "Zard was barely helped by his megas, and all usage is fans riding the hype"? XD

EDIT: Also, on-topic I wouldn't be surprised if Talonflame ends up on suspect. Love it as a pokemon, but it is clearly a menace competitvely.
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#22BabySh0esPosted 8/5/2014 6:21:22 PM
Bogmire216 posted...
kabigon20 posted...
I want to see thundurus, talonflame, landorus, azumarill, conkeldurr, volcarona, garchomp, rotom, ferrothorn, dragonite, mawile, gardevoir, bisharp, charizard, pinsir, venusaur, tyranitar, and skarmory all get banned to ubers. They are all used way too much. Therefore, they are overcentralizing and are unhealthy for the metagame. Until all these cancerous pokemon go OU will not be a safe place for innocent trainers to enjoy healthy competitive pokemon battles.

agreed. they are not only overcentralizing in the metagame but also uncompetitive and make it hard for stall to be good. And as we know stall is the main competitive playstyle with hyper offense being extremely uncompetitive and bad for the metagame.

This. I wan't the perfect meta game, where only stall teams exist and every battle takes at least 400 turns
#23KyrieIrvingPosted 8/5/2014 6:23:22 PM
DankaDummkopf posted...
i'd like to see,mawlie go then thundurus closely followed by charizard x kyruem-b hitmonlee gengar bisharp heatran and talonflame but tf going isn't likely cos

glad i'm not the only one who thinks hitmonlee is broken
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#24ZoraukPosted 8/5/2014 6:30:39 PM
I don't like banning I wish they didn't go it cause half my team is banned
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