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Think of a Pokemon before you enter this topic

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User Info: CobCannonz

2 years ago#41

Welp, I'm spending the rest of my life asleep.
3DS FC: 0404-5513-5070

User Info: FinalXemnas

2 years ago#42
Zoroark. That's a f***** up situation.
"No more eternal than that radiance of yours."

User Info: Atanaxe

2 years ago#43
I'd earthquake the F*** outta that bullying manectric bastard
Fc 3454-2257-5671 Ghost safari: Pumpkaboo, Dusclops, and Shuppet.
-- Self-proclaimed Vileplume of the Pokemon X boards.. ;P

User Info: Powergo1

2 years ago#44
Bidoof. Ehhh....
Official Marshtomp of The Alpha Sapphire Board!

User Info: sonic2307

2 years ago#45
Um... How can a Dunsparce bully me?
I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog.
3DS FC: 0962-9436-8898 Currently not accepting friend requests.

User Info: MadDogRaid

2 years ago#46

Goodbye world
My 3DS FC: 1693-2773-5518 PSYCHIC Safari, Vivillon Pattern: Jungle
PM if you want to trade, but i can only trade during weekend :)

User Info: Jaricko

2 years ago#47
That isn't very snivy-like behavior... Also how am i bullied by a tiny snake... This seems kinda impossible to believe.
" Don't curse the darkness--light a candle! When freaky aliens give you lemons, make freaky alien lemonade. "

User Info: skittywinsalot

2 years ago#48
Voltorb......... Im f***ed because everyday he explodes on me
All i need now is mega typhlosion, plus the one after the national dex could be holding a stone so theres a chance

User Info: Casparatis

2 years ago#49
Golurk is a giant robot oh snap I'm dead
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