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Whats the best thing you ever wondertraded

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User Info: BryceIronwing

2 years ago#21
Considering i'm currently "Trying" to complete a Shinydex i tend to wondertrade away legendaries i just got in their shiny forme. so i suppose the best thing i traded away is a Kyurem and Darkrai.
Wonder Trade is a gamble.Sometimes you hit it big, sometimes the middle finger of fate comes in the form of a level 2 Pidgey. Missingno_Mastr

User Info: The_Dragonw

2 years ago#22
4 or 5 IV Torchic

Mind you, they didn't even have Egg moves.

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User Info: porygon_z_129

2 years ago#23
A flawless IV spread shiny HP Fire Petilil,just for the lols.Cloned,ofc

got a Scatterbug in return.
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User Info: fahademon

2 years ago#24
Yesterday I had some extras:
A Battle Ready 5IV Ninjask
A 6IV Shiny Battle Ready Espeon
My 5IV Battle Ready Heavy Ball Skarmory NNd "Starscream"
A 5IV Shiny Battle Ready Sableye
A 6IV Shiny Naive Heatran
A 5IV Shiny Battle Ready Hawlucha

What I got:
A 2IV Yamask
A Scatterbug
A lv.3 Bidoof
A Lv.86 "Kinniekins"
A Luvdisc
A Caterpie
3DS FC:3222-6949-4801 | IGN:Fahadus,TSV:2847 |
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User Info: Vivisqeq

2 years ago#25
Numerous breejects
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User Info: Wallydraigle

2 years ago#26
I have the demo disk for Gamecube that distributed the RUBY/SAPHIRE shiny zigzagoon so I've given some of those away.
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User Info: Catluver17

2 years ago#27
Breedjects. Got the usual crap in return. Somehow got a Zygarde once though it was inferior to mine in every way.
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